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What ideas do you have or need us to bat round with you that you have been longing for ages to see in metal? A personal commemoration, garden sculpture, piece of artistic furniture, custom caravan, or anything, really. The sky is the limit and we delight in designing what you describe as a desire.


It's a bit like sewing...but the heat is your needle and thread, and these stitches will not ever rip! Skilled mig and tig welds offer beauty and fluidity coupled with great strength and reliability. Welding is part of what makes metal a fantastically flexible canvas.

Metalworks Wanaka offers a range of services for all of your metal needs.


Part of our environmental policy is repair and repurpose. Giving a worn or broken object a birthday, or new life is thrilling and satisfying all around.


This is the "into" part of "From imagination into metal." We love accurately and artfully bringing the concepts we have created with you into form, meeting and exceeding expectations every time.

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