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For 15 years Steve Rumore engineered custom off-road vehicles with a specialty in suspension systems in particular for a long list of private clients and companies such as BF Goodrich Tires and more in America. Through this he developed and refined extensive welding experience of all sorts!

Steve moved to New Zealand with his family and set about discerning what would most serve the Wanaka and Otago communities. Since 2011 he has focused primarily on renovating and repairing caravans, as we have so many here. He designed and fabricated a teardrop model with a queen birth that looks slick and saves fuel with its lightness and aerodynamics. He loves designing things that work well and look fantastic for home, garden and business, too.

Steve has a knack for thinking outside the square and has experience with all sorts of projects and fabrication mediums. He is excited to apply himself to creating what you may have in mind and looks forward to meeting you. With so many years of engineering experience, you can feel comfortable knowing your work is in the best hands.

Jennifer Rumore trained extensively in business marketing with an emphasis on customer service throughout her career in the United States. She brings a love of people and great communication skills to help translate your visions to Steve’s work bench, contributing to a winning product in the end.

Together Steve and Jennifer are great support to accomplish our Metalworks Wanaka mission: Excellent quality products delivered with impeccable customer service!

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  • We recycle and/or reuse or re-purpose as much material as possible, in our manufacture and in our administrative consumption.

  • We use as many bio-degradable products, or more earth friendly products, as possible. For example, using beeswax or penetrol rather than epiphos in our steel finishing and using earth friendly packaging materials for shipping orders.

  • We source materials where possible from our local or regional recycling centres.

  • We use Ecotricity as our power supplier.

  • We buy locally wherever possible.

  • We use an electric car to serve as many of our business needs as possible.

  • We create products to encourage re-use or elimination of waste, such as our stainless steel straws and solar power product options.

  • Wherever possible we conduct paperless transactions.

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