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Are We Finished?


A lot of our work is able to be customised to include your preferred finish. We use a variety of materials and processes to offer the following choices. It’s important to note that rusting whether done naturally or by us, is an organic process and as such, all samples are indications of the finish only. There will be some variation - but this is what ensures your piece is unique to you!


For example, shown below is the 'Koru' stag in both clean corten steel and naturally rusted.


Here are a variety of finishes available at Metalworks Wanaka, along with a brief description of each type.​

  • Corten Natural Rust

    • 1, 2 & 3 - this is to show the variety in the outcome of colours for natural rust, depending on the location and orientation of the steel.​

  • Metalworks Made Rust Effects

    • Mottled Rust

    • Spray Rust

    • Marbled Rust​

  • Sealed vs unsealed Rust

    • Sealant usually darkens the appearance of rust, not only does the sealant help preserve the rust at whatever stage you like best, it can be utilised to change brighter ochre tones into darker burnt sienna tones.

  • Raw Corten Steel

    • Raw Corten steel can be sealed to prevent rusting.

    • Raw Corten steel comes in a variety of finishes, sometimes the steel has some mottling present and sometimes it is quite plain.​

  • Stainless Steel

    • 2B Natural

    • Brushed

    • Polished

    • Available in 304 (food grade) and 316 (marine grade)

Natural Rust 1

Mottled Rust.jpg

Mottled Rust

Natural Rust 2.jpg

Natural Rust 2

Spray Rust.jpg

Spray Rust

Natural Rust 3.jpg

Natural Rust 3

Marbled Rust.jpg

Marbled Rust

Sealed vs Unsealed.jpg

Sealed vs Unsealed

Raw Corten Steel - Plain.jpg

Raw Corten Steel - Plain

Raw Corten Steel - Mottled.jpg

Raw Corten Steel - Mottled

Stainless - 2B.jpg

Stainless - 2B Natural

Stainless - Brushed.jpg

Stainless - Brushed

Stainless - Polished.JPG

Stainless - 

​We also offer Powder Coating and Spray Painting, in a large variety of colours, in both gloss or matte finishes.

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