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Rivalry, another remarkable sculpture by Artist in Residence Nicolas Lupacchino, captivates viewers with its portrayal of a natural battle between two stags.

Crafted entirely from recycled steel and with phenomenal biological accuracy, this artwork is a testament to Nicolas' artistic skill and dedication to sustainability. His conscious decision to repurpose materials, giving them new life and meaning, aligns with our values at Metalworks Wanaka, too.

Through the meticulous use of heat, shaping techniques, and handwork, the artist brings these steel pieces to life. They convey the raw power and intensity of these natural instinct clashes that are necessary to establish the lead Bull, and to preserve the elk troop social hierarchy.

The stance of the stags further enhances the sculpture's impact, symbolising the struggle for dominance and prompting viewers to consider the universal nature of rivalry and power dynamics.


On Enquiry - Pricing based on size, materials, freight & installation.

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