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"Grace Under Fire" Horse Head Sculpture


This dance with form and space in copper on steel has captured the poise, beauty and power of the horse in the unusual medium of horseshoes as the primary structure. 

Taj Mahal Mirror


Accent your home with a touch of the exotic. This steel frame with copper wash mirror is inspired by the love story that built one of the Seven Wonders of our World. <3

Rustic Elegance Mirror


Beauty begins with the mirror itself in this case! Enjoy this stunning style, easily adapting to a Mediterranean, Olde English, Western, or Rustic Elegance motif depending upon its surrounds.  

780cm by 780cm (square with round upper edges).

Natural Steel framed Mirror


A subtle accent of natural steel with polished steel embossed patterns suggesting an undersea hint may be just the perfect touch to embellish your home. 29cm wide by 37cm tall.

Firewood Stacker


Add a design element to your firewood storage! The style and size are limited only by imagination. Wood stacking often makes a substantial visual impact, which can be shaped into intentional art with Metalworks Wanaka containment options. Pricing will vary depending upon size and design specifications.

Mount Roy Sculpture Screen


Add privacy artistically by placing a beautiful screen anywhere you would like to create some extra elegance. Pricing here is based on approximately 1.82 meters wide by 1.52 meters tall, mounted to steel posts, and will vary depending upon dimensions and artwork specified.

Horseshoe Puzzles


A fun gift ideal for entertainment and brain skill development, too.


Stainless Steel Straws - Made in NZ


1 x Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

23cm Long great for smoothies

Made in NZ

Food Grade
Stainless Steel

Dishwasher safe.

BPA free.



Fire Pokers - Arrowtown (Short)


Arrowtown fire poker, simple, effective...to the point! We have many other styles available in short or long. Prices will vary depending upon selection.

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