"Updraft" is a blend of precision plasma cutting and highly skilled metal fabrication that results in a stunning centre-piece for any view. Poised on a balanced kinetic installation that can be flat packed and re-installed easily, this sculpture doesn't have to just stay at your current location, it can come with you!


- 80 centimetre wingspan $4,600
- 1.5 metre wingspan $7,500
- 3 metre wingspan $21,300


Mounting Base Options


1. Corten Cylindrical Plinth, This mounting plinth measures 700mm high by 300mm diameter. It has the same matching 6 bolt pattern as the Updraft post, which makes mounting simple: dig a hole, drop in the cylinder, level it and pour Quickset cement (self sourced) around the bottom and inside. After the concrete has set, bolt on the Updraft post with the chrome nuts provided.

Plinth Pricing - $600.00 GST inclusive, freight exclusive.


2. Free Standing Mounting Base, This base allows easy set-up of Updraft and offers the benefit of mobility. It can be useful for temporary installations or for those situations where its final position has yet to be determined. It can also be staked for a more permanent installation. Stakes (sold separately) are highly recommended in windy locations.

Mounting Base Pricing - $600.00 GST inclusive, freight exclusive.


Optional Finishes


Updraft sculptures are intended to rust naturally; however, they can be sealed to preserve the grey/black steel colouring in various combinations; post, balancing arm and/or Hawk. Sealing requires maintenance similar to any painted surface., so plan to re-seal each 12-24 months, depending upon the sculpture proximity to the sea.


We also can fabricate all or part of Updraft in stainless steel. Stainless steel is a wonderfully striking contrast to a rusted steel finish. We can also craft this entire piece in stainless steel for an ultra modern, sleek appearance. Please contact us to price these options.


Pricing is GST inclusive, freight exclusive (dependent on location - please get in touch if you have any questions).