Custom Cut Silhouette - Cat

Custom Cut Silhouette - Cat


One of our many wonderful custom cut silhouettes available - this playful cat will confuse your real and living ones! Great addition to a garden or as an ornament. Can be attached to walls if requested.


This particular sihouette shown is 280mm (28cm) wide and 190mm (19cm) high.


This and other customised silhouettes are available in the following finishes at no additional cost:

  • Painted Black
  • Sealed - Gunmetal Grey
  • Sealed - Rusted
  • Unsealed - Rusted


All of our work is customised. We are able to produce a silhouette cut of almost anything, up to a maximum size of 2500mm (250cm) x 1200mm (120cm). Pricing varies according to size, complexity and quantity. Please get in touch with us here if you have an idea that you want to see created.